Closet Doors

Accordion Door
Accordion Doors can be a perfect fit for a family room in your home, a galley kitchen on your boat, or a closet in your small cozy summer cottage, you just won’t find a better, more attractive and functional solution to your functional and space saving needs than a custom Accordion Door.
Bi-Fold Doors
Bifold Doors are doors designed to be used in closets, pantries, and in some cases as folding doors between rooms. Bifold doors are always done in pairs, with two doors folding to one side, or with four doors, split in the center of the opening, with two doors folding back to each side. For multiple doors in other configurations, see our multifold doors and multifold hardware.
bypass door example
Bypass Doors are doors designed to be used in closets. These doors Do Not Fold As in Bifold Doors, but slide past each other as shown below. Note- Bypass doors should overlay slighty, therefore, 2 - 2' (24") wide doors should have an opening under 4 foot wide to allow for at least 1 1/2 - 2" overlap.
Folding Doors
Multi-Fold Doors are deisgned to used in applications where folding doors are needed to cover wider than normal areas. Depending upon the hardware used, door sections from 12" - 42" wide can be used.

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